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Comments (43)

Why aren't you on MSN

Not at college today, may not be back until next week. I'm using a different comp right now.

Oh i see. I got your 20 bucks.

Hooray. I'll check in with you next time I'm online.

Damn, that means i miss the shot

=( I was hoping to see a sonic vs shadow 3... I loved the second one... well too bad :'(

Sup Shorteh. You should come back to the forums more often.

I too have a bad habit of starting new animations on impulse, but I don't work on em much thanks to uni. Lookin forward to MM wins the Internet.

BTW, what was the name of the animation where Luigi rips off the head of a toad behind a bush in the castle? I don't see it mentioned in here.

That was just a short thing, no full animation was really planned. I thought about it though.

im glad to see you are still around!

you might not believe this but I actually think about our game a lot. It just feels like something that NEEDS to be done.

In my programming class, the final project is to make a small game in XNA. I will use my sprites for that game and run it as some sort of beta. dont worry they wont see life out of my computer!

I really want to get back in touch with ya and doomsday-one soon

Agreed, and damn you for getting into XNA first. But yeah it'd be fun to work on that game and see what becomes of it.

holy fuckin shit

Hey dude still livin' up to that user name I see.

Sup shorts! Lookin forward to you being at the Lab more often!

Yayayyayayaayyayaya Langeee. :3

Sexy as hell

Rofl shitty camera

Man that is a lot of projects. My advice though is insted of working on them all at the same time just select one and role with that. It also dosnt hurt when you get a idea to work on that flash and then go back to your main one.

a few weeks ago I checked to see the status on NASF , it said 3%

Now I check again, and it says 3%

What's going on?

Delay until I've set up my new computer, which should be within the week.

Still Can't wait for NASF2! Please pm me when it comes out! I know you wont disappoint! Just make sure it's ready the way you see fit!

I'm sure you'll notice when it comes out.

Need a coder?

Hell yes.

Still waiting on that 4%...

Shush you.


I'm a internet friend/follower of Short Factor and would like to clear up why it is he isn't active. Shorts Factory here does not have internet, so much so that his site, the laboratory of apathy, has not been renewed. He has many friends in the real world and makes his announcements through them, but through his site. He is all right but most of his projects will be put on hold.

Thanks sjs but most people keeping up with me already know that... especially that part about me having lots of friends in the real world... yep... lots of friends... I sure have them... real world...

Make a sequel to the master games. It could really be a good animation with the suggestion i placed in the form of a comment on the User Reviews section of Master Games episode one.

make mor sprite tv

when i feel like it GOSH

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