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what year is it

BlackDevilX responds:

The year is 2004 and sprite movies are at an all time high thanks to Mario vs Sonic

This is great and fuck all who don't appreciate it.

This is really impressive.
I always enjoy seeing things I'm familiar with mocked it ways that make me feel stupid for ever liking them. You did this with many different things.

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I was beginning to think I was the only one left who really understood and felt the genius, beautiful aesthetics of the legacy of Sega games, particularly those on the Genesis. This game concentrates those aesthetics and then some. For all those people who cannot understand what those aesthetics are, I now have a perfect compendium of reference to direct them to. This game is sublime and speaks to my heart. Thank you, this game is the kind of proof I've been looking for that these divine aesthetics have not become a lost art.

Excellent game so far, fascinating mechanic and looking forward to more of it.


Only about half of this movie had good advice. Also, PaperBat, you ignored my suggestions for some reason, after saying you would change it. But thats personal so I won't let that affect the review.

You left out excellent sources. Sprite Database is too overlooked, it would've been a much better suggestion than Sprite City. Also, Mystical Forest Zone is a very good background resource that should've been added.

This is right on the boundary of basic and advanced. It probably would be advanced if you had touched upon much more techniques like sprite editing. For instance, Game Maker's sprite editor works much better than importing whole sheets into Flash and animating them. You don't have to worry about Flash crashing from a large sheet, the gifs are readily animated by import, and you can edit the sprites animations before import very effictively.

Also, NEVER trace bitmap backgrounds. The only point of ever tracing a background would be to delete colors you want transparent, but that can easily be done in another program, seeing as they're only 1 frame or so. Tracing backgrounds, especially large ones, does nothing but cause tons of lag. It has virtually no advantage at all.

There are only a few good points in here, such as the "crouch jump", to make sprites look less static, as well as easing and FPS suggestions. There are even better techniques for improving jump animations that could've been included, such as making horizontal jumps look more realistic.

This tutorial had potential for shedding light on some of the lesser talked about "good" sprite techniques, it even did somewhat, but it was ruined with lack of completeness and misleading advice. It teetered on a 7, but the very disappointment I got from this dropped it to a 6.

PaperBat responds:

Well these are techniques that were taught to me from various sprite artist, so i guess everyone has there own way of doing things, there isnt a "RIGHT" was to animate sprites, just various things that help other people.

As for the sites, The reason i couldent change them was because the voiceactor was asleep, so i couldent get them changed.

Thank for the review anyways

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Very good remix

The first Rayman game really was the only good one. Loved the music and backgrounds, and this is one of my favorite songs. Excellent re-imagined remix of the original. The new instruments really surprised me and flowed perfectly with each mood the melody takes you through.


Jeez man, after learning a lead like this there's so much you could do with it. You should've evaluated the song carefully and seen what kind of awesome remix-type stuff could go with the melody. All in all the song is terribly boring and the piano has a detuned effect which is driving me crazy. Good job though, I know how hard it is to try remixing songs on your own (I assume you didn't use a midi...?). And try adding some drums, that would seriously spruce this up.

Good luck for the future. Diamond Dust Zone was one of my all time favorite Sonic songs too.

knuxrouge responds:

Sorry you didn't enjoy the piano, it was hard work. Drums are a bitch to use, espicially with the FPC, which is all I have to work with. I make some covers with drums, but I mostly keep them out because of the overall difficulty of them.
Midis are evil. I don't use them.
Thanks for your review.

Heh heh...

I compose music like this all the time, but keep them to myself. Wonder how far they'd go if I submitted them... Oh right, your song. Well, I do a lot of crazy classical/techno mash ups, so I know where I'm coming from when I say this song rules. I honestly think you could fix some of your levels (the leads are a bit too loud compared to the rest of the awesomeness). On the whole this is more unique than your old fashioned techno-classical. Definitely has a style I look for in songs. Good job, keep up this kinda thing.

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Damn Eman you're just getting better and better.

When I need my toast powdered I can always count on him to fly me backwards to the white house.

I would expect nothing less of the Bosco.


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