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Short-Factor's News

Posted by Short-Factor - October 29th, 2016


After months of hard work, proud to present the reveal of Sonic Utopia, a 3D Sonic fangame.


Posted by Short-Factor - June 13th, 2016

I'll be back before too long.


Posted by Short-Factor - July 22nd, 2014

After years of work, Freedom Planet has been finished and is now out on Steam.

Strife began this project a long time ago, and has since turned it into something spectacular. I joined last year as a sound designer, and I've also done some graphics and helped a bit with some technical details (along with making that release trailer below).

The game's core platforming physics are based on those of Sonic, but have been heavily reworked for the game's unique formula, which involves complex platforming maneuvers and combat. The stages are large and complex, and one major highlight of the game is definitely the killer boss fights.

If you're interested, you can get the game now on Steam for $15. It would help us and support future projects, such as a sequel, and we'd like to make one that well exceeds the production values of this game.


We're aiming for a non Steam version and a Mac port, which should be out very soon if all goes well. As for consoles, they're not possible right now, although a Vita and Android port are apparently doable in the future. The lack of console support is not so much due to lack of funds, but technical limitation. We're hoping to surpass this some day and port it to other consoles such as the Wii U and 3DS.

Posted by Short-Factor - February 11th, 2014

Nothing special, but I did refurbish the original NASF and upload it to Youtube in perfect video quality. It has enhanced sound effects, graphical tweaks, the swf was exported in better quality, and it includes the deleted Samus scene. If you like NASF, this might be worth another watch.

I've dubbed this NASF Special Edition, and it is not the remake I've been talking about.


The remake is called NASF DX, and I am working on that. It'll be a complete remake from the ground up, current with my animation skill today, with new characters, environments, and fight scenes.


I'm now heavily involved in the development of a game called Freedom Planet as a sound designer, as well as helping with details in the graphics and gameplay. Don't judge a book by it's cover though. While it does look Sonic-like, it is quite different. The gameplay uses Sonic platforming physics at its core, but the gameplay is very unique. It actually builds off those platforming physics in fantastic new ways. The game had a very successful Kickstarter and was approved by Steam Greenlight. We're set to release in late spring. I invite you to check it out, there is a demo which was updated recently with improvements in graphics, gameplay, and includes some of my sound work so far.

Here's a trailer.


And if you're interested, here's the demo.


Posted by Short-Factor - September 20th, 2013

So I'm no longer animating Death Battle. ScrewAttack let me go on August 21st when I finished Ivy vs Orchid, saying they're exploring new directions for the show. It's been great. Now I'll be focusing on my own projects and collaborations with others.

Here's the last episode I animated, Ivy vs Orchid.

Big updates coming soon.

Posted by Short-Factor - July 2nd, 2013

Lots of great things happened all at once recently. I had to decide whether to make this one or multiple posts; might as well just cover it all at once.

First of all, Sonic After the Sequel.
This is a Sonic fangame by LakeFeperd that had been in the making for the past year. Lake's last fangame Sonic BTS was refurbished with an original soundtrack. Those four musicians have come together again, and joining them is DJ Maxie and myself, the great Lange. We've at last finished the game and its soundtrack after a year of work.

Check out the game and the soundtrack here:

I've also written a more detailed article on ScrewAttack here:
http://www.screwattack.com/news/sonic-after-sequ el-released

Next up, ScrewAttack Gaming Convention.
From June 21 to 23, this was the first con I've ever been to, and it was overload. Apparently it was the best con ever. Without having a past con to compare it to, that's a hard call to make, but I also find it hard to imagine any con being better than what I experienced at SGC. Met Adam Sessler, brentalfloss, played against pro Smash Bros players, participated in a tourney, watched Craig fight Mike Tyson for hours, cheered through Mario Party After Dark, and witnessed the roof shattering reveal of Duck Tales Remastered and Killer Instinct at the end of the Iron Man of Gaming.
I was also part of the Death Battle Panel, which should be up in the near future.

Speaking of Death Battle, Shao Kahn vs M Bison (seen in the Death Battle Panel) is now out on ScrewAttack.
http://www.screwattack.com/shows/originals/death -battle/death-battle-shao-kahn-vs-m-bison

That's all for now.

Posted by Short-Factor - June 1st, 2013

Posted by Short-Factor - January 10th, 2013

Posted by Short-Factor - September 22nd, 2012

The battle that no one has been waiting for has finally been made.
http://www.screwattack.com/shows/originals/death -battle/death-battle-pikachu-vs-blanka

Posted by Short-Factor - August 10th, 2012