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Comments (12)

A week? In Blender?

Lmao imagine how much time it would take in Helix if it were complete.

But of course that isn't the topic so yeah. This was really amazing. I particularly enjoyed the slap fight, that was hilarious.

This wasn't a very complex project but even so Helix could have probably cut the development time in half.

Looks like you will enjoy making these... until people start begging for more.

I seen the new episode and I was fucking impressed. Personally, I thought they did a good jobs before but after effects can only take you so far. Cant wait to see more from you this season of Death Battle.

you made this in a week? this was really awesome for a week! awesome job!

AH this is Awesome, Ben did an alright Job animating it but Mr. Lange, you're my favourite sprite animator by far, i know you'll kick ass at this, well done!

That's amazing, Short-Factor! I could go see the intense conflict between two princesses of their respective Nintendo series.

not gonna lie. They didn't give you a good matchup. That was really stupid battle. Neither of the characters had any good moves, but you made the best of it. Do they tell you how the battle is supposed to go, or do you just do the entire battle yourself? I really hope next time they give you a better matchup.

Ben sent me a rough 12 panel storyboard outlining the major moments in the animation, along with a script that had a bit more detail in the description. I took some liberties here and there. This was a good matchup the way I see it, Nintendo's iconic princess characters with very unique sets of abilities and backgrounds.

How many episodes are you signed up for? lol.

Who knows. I'll be doing them from now until question marks.

YOU DID THIS IN A WEEK? Oh my. If you did THIS in a week, then I can't imagine how AWESOME NASF2 is going to be.

Hundreds of times better. I promise.

so what music did you use for the battle? if you dont mind me asking

They chose the music. I didn't know until someone on Youtube pointed out that the first song is a remix of the Forest Maze from SMRPG (which is obvious but I don't know what it is exactly) and the second song I think is the final boss music from Skyward Sword. The final clip of music that plays is Peach's theme from Mario Strikers Charged.

Well, what do you know? Sprite animation isn't quite as dead as I thought it was. Good job there, etc.

I loved Raiden Vs Thor, but I felt that the sprites and the 3D environment didn't mesh together all that well. It was absolutely amazing but the contrast between the stage and the characters was slightly off-putting.