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a 2 minute advert to watch this?
yeah no thanks.


Hey, Haitam is a prophet, his animation kinda predicted the same thing. Sorta.

goku will always have my vote superman is too op

So your argument is that Goku would win because Superman is too overpowered.

This world... and all the sense it makes... brings a tear to my eye.

lol sirundead, even had the same general jokes and ending lol <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn-zd2eHi9M">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn-zd2eHi9M</a>

Thanks for watching my animation. Do you illegally download rice, or... how does that work...

Liked the ending, wish the other guy won, movie was epic, theirs your spoiler free comment.

I couldn't believe it, but then again, those numbers don't lie. What A Fight!

And in the end the numbers don't even matter.

Heh, awesome.

Superman is still an open book really, i'n't he? (some mad English lingo there). So writers can just have a field day.

Goku feels more complete to me.

They'd never fight in the first place right? They're both good at heart, though I reckon S man has more potential to go mental and turn evul.

I think Superman can reach, or even starts at full power, so he could probably just one shot poor old Kakkacarrotcake. Buuut then Superman has some serious glaring weaknesses.

All in all I couldn't really argue with the NUMBERS, but still feel my man could, and would, win. All about that Instant Transmission baby. Sure Goku has travelled enough through the stars to notice a black hole or a red star ;) . Just out the clip where he's mid transmission heading to the Galaxy where Broly is going on a rampage- Hold up, I'm sounding like a total nerd here.

Phew, stopped myself before getting into full Goku nerd rage fan boy mode. Haha!

Great vid.

Indeed that is the dilemma, that Superman has no limits, but at the same time it's not a dilemma since it is canon. Unfortunately this means Goku stood little chance.

Goku has a critical weakness, he can't survive in space.

OUTER space, for a time longer than, say, a few hours, yes.

I can't stop watching this! XD
Great job Short-Factor!

nice vid nerd

All I ever wanted from you was a compliment. Thank you.