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Short Factor is closing for a while...

Posted by Short-Factor - September 8th, 2008

By September 14th, I will be moved out into a new place to stay 40 miles away from where I currently live. I'm turning 18, you see.
This place has no internet connection yet...
So, yeah, this means Short Factor is shutting down for a while...
I get to keep the computer, though offline, it is a working computer.
This means NASF 2 and all my projects will keep on going, as will I.
So it could be a couple months or more before I get my own internet connection.
Well, I might get a connection on rare occasions, so I will try to update then.
Regardless, I will keep working on my projects as much as I can.
One of my projects is an animation program called Sprite Land, a program MADE for sprite animation that beats the pants off most of Flash's features. NASF 2 is going to be remade in this program, and it will have real 3D background movement (goodbye linear gradient, we won't miss you).

In other news, I updated the SSBA Forum big time. It is now the official, full fledged Short Factor forums. It has detailed descriptions on the various projects in the works here at Short Factor, and you can sign up to be a member on the Short Factor development team! How cool is that huh? Not cool? Yeah... meh. Well anyway, it has some interesting info on upcoming projects and a few information leaks. Be sure to check it out if you're interested.


Seeing as I will be absent for a while, it will be hard to update the forum... so just hang out there for a while.

Farewell my good friends and fans, I will be back later this year or early next year with one kick ass sprite movie called Not Another Sprite Fight 2.

Comments (15)

Good Luck with NASF 2 And Sprite Land.
and I hope your new home gets a good internet connection soon.
see you then, the internet will miss you!





You could always just go to Starbucks once a week and submit your work there. They usually have a wireless internet connection there. Also, just out of curiosity, what is this mythical Sprite animation program you speak of?

There's a lot more info on the program at the Short Factor forums. Go to "Projects Main" then to the announcement "Project Sprite Land".

Its a program I'm making to make sprite animation much more rich, well featured, efficient, fun, and with more powerful tools (than Flash).


It sounds absolutely awesome (from what I read on the forum (which is looking pretty nice by the way))!

Fuck my preloader; you sir are a master coder.

Your preloader kicks ass, and for the record I suck at actionscript. I could never dream of making a mini-sprite animator in Flash.

haww haww haww haww hawww :D
I'll notice when your back, on FA.<3

Good luck mate, sorry to know I wont be able to talk to ya so frequently : (


your making a program wat else can you do. plz tell me that it will be free. also glad to here nsaf 2 is still going. too bad you wont be on though. good luck with all thses things. i hopr oyu get internet connection finish the program soon. GODSPEED

Yes it will be free. But I won't be releasing it any time soon.

happy birtday!

hey you wanna join my side?

yea i dont exepect the program to be out for like 2 or 3 years. ill be better at spriting by then so its good thind for me anyway :D. you have a fbf animation nasf2 and sonic vs shadow 3 though i dont know why you decide to continue it ( not hating just saying it wont be that popular due to sonics over use). but yea still good luck with these things cant wait for nasf2 OMGGGG METAL GEEAAAAAR.

i wish you luck too finish you vid & vacation :P
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you are missed around this parts dude :(

I need someone to rant with and you are not round

Your animation is awsome!

Lol I miss ya around the forums man I hope your doing well =P

Doing fine thanks.