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Short Factor in Limbo

Posted by Short-Factor - October 29th, 2008

Found out some crappy news that apparently I am unable to get internet where I live. Just great... So I am using other computers to update things, talk to associates and friends online, and keep current with Newgrounds or otherwise general internet media. Yes I am a geek. You can shutup now.

With this limitation I thank myself over a month ago for stocking my computer with lots of extra untapped resources for multimedia design, prominently for sprite animation. I am now digging through all this stuff and going to work.
That said, I would like to inform everyone that Project Sprite Land, the sprite animation program, has to be postponed. I spoke too soon and probably should not have bragged so much about its development. Even though it is working somewhat, it is having a variety of issues, mainly slow performance.
Thus I am forced to revert to Flash for NASF 2. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, I like Flash very much and I have been really beefing up my skills.
With a recent spark of inspiration I am remaking NASF 2... again.
The last preview shown was the fifth version of the movie. I made twice as much animation as that preview but I am scrapping all of it, again. I am now at work on version 6 and the results of this new inspiration will show. It will be far better than even version 5.

Also in recent inspiration, I have taken up a smaller project. It is a satire on today's sprite movies. You know, 98% of all sprite movies on YouTube, made in Movie Maker and Paint, that consist of Naruto and Sonic crossovers or ridiculous SMBZ ripoffs. Or all those Sonic fan series with the countless amounts of Sonic sprite edits and recolors (original characters *cough*) that all have 20 super forms. Every episode is set to "His World". There are hundreds of episodes each divided into 10 parts.
Think Metal Gear Funnies but less spamlike and less horrifying pornography.
You get the idea.
It will also be a parody/satire of some overrated animators on NG.
I have a good deal of it planned but if you have any good ideas for it drop 'em here. I love to hear people give their ideas on the endless shitstorm of bad sprite movies clogging up YouTube (and often NG). Remember, its funny when its true.

I will probably update again when the satire movie (currently without a name) gets submitted, or I have a new preview for NASF 2. Which ever comes first.

Update: I'm headed back home, so no internet. Bye folks, I'll be back as soon as I can be. Hopefully no longer than a couple months at the very latest.

Comments (26)

So is this making fun of good sprite animators, or bad sprite animators?

Both, but mostly the bad ones.

Like Volkain500?

Please, don't get me started.

hoho I am an associate and friend of short factor : D

good luck with the satire dude

Thank you, associate and friend.

ive been pushed to ranting about it for years now. but never did it becuz i know no one would agree with me since 98% of youtube sprite vids are SONIC SONIC and MORE SONIC. if you search sonic all youl find is endless movie maker vids. i mean shit atleast make them a bit decent nope you just gotta put no effort and throw it into wat now has become a dump YOUTUBE. and a bunch of these fuking test vids on sonic running across the damn stage. beleive me everyone has those. the one that pisses me off the most is the fan char bullshit. this is basicly all there doing. recolor sonic red, give him some extra bangs, give him a bullshit name like super pedo. give him bullshit ass powers, like the power to control time, to control shadows, completely ripoff goku, give the world aids. and last but not least a gay emo back story. "some kid with no originality drew me in paint. my life has been hell becuz eggman killed my family and raped my dog, and to top it all off im a horrible sprite edit in disguise.i have these powers that a 4 year old can think off and i have to go and avenge my family by killing another bullshit fan char like myself called wolf the hedgefox." and this is from a real fan char. wat makes it worse is that they say its completely theres they made it and its there original idea. and they have to cross over dbz. each and every fan char has a kameha blast and a ki aura and 5 to 6 shitty forms. its bad anough you cant be original with sprites no matter wat you do but making the sprite vids all rip offs and gay fan chars just kills sprites eery were and i blaim those people for the decline of sprite popularity. now a days it seems if you dont make a sonic vid or dont have a fan char then no one will subscrie to you. people are just idiots and their popularity grows each day

Holy shit.
You took the words right out of my mouth.
Thanks for your input, your rant is not in vain.

Sorry I can't join the thread, I'm still on a crap computer, no Photoshop and Paint only saves bmps. Shit, did I just mention Paint for photo editing? Oh God... I think I'm going to be sick...

Have fun being shooped.

if i even dare say that shit ill have mini volkains coming up my ass in seconds

i think you should make like right in the beginning make Mario and Sonic fight and like in about a minute later make anybody you want to just pop out of nowhere an make them interrupt Mario and Sonic's fight

I think I'm not using your crappy idea and I'm using my own.

meeeeh It didnt work. i used a bad dase pic.

just for the record,those rastas are false. I have short hair haha.

"think metal gear funnies but less spamlike and less horrifying pornography."
What are you gay?

Considering a majority of all the porn in that movie WAS gay porn, and was in fact horrifying on many levels, maybe you should rethink your question.

whats wrong with alvin earthworms smbz series? that stuff is amazing animation, and, at the very least, rivals yours.

i see a lot of good and bad sprite tributes/parodies, so is there any way to give those who are good a little slack here?

You apparently did not pay any attention to what I said. I did not once bash Alvin or SMBZ in any way. In fact there are countless places where I have said I consider Alvin to be a better animator than me. However, his series is OUTRAGEOUSLY overrated. A good sprite series, yes, but it does NOT deserve the number 3 spot in the top 50, or anything close.
I have no idea what you read that made you think I said something is wrong with it, other than it being way too overrated.
On that note, I have never bashed any other good sprite series, so where the hell are you getting your information?

your reviews are fun short haha

about my previous comment...

i got it from YOUR first responses to ikool and EJRProductions, so it was YOU who i got my information from! =P

i think you just burned yourself there lol!

anyway i saw a mistake and missed the fact you werent gonna hit the good ones as bad, so i might watch it (if i can find it that is)

Burned myself? Immature much? In neither of those comments did I say I was bashing Alvin. I said I was making parodies of him and certain sprite movies.

your video r the best

guess you didnt mean that "calvin earthgerm" thing then. no matter, i'll chalk it up to misunderstanding what you said then.

on a side note, i've had an idea that i've been brewing for a few days now. i want a bit more suggestions, comments, or just general input on it seeing its going to be the first ever series i intend to develop and the first ever animations i intend to load onto newgrounds.

you dont have to, but if you want to check out my news post and see what you think of it. the only two that commented on it was some1 who left a spam comment (which i promptly deleted), and hadoukendude (who thinks its a good concept [his own words])

maybe you can somehow add it to your parody of sprite movies (though idk how seeing i have yet to begin animation [only rough draft of scripts so far]).

oh, i forgot to mention its gonna be a sprite series. well, whether you praise it or hate it, any input is appreciated right now. i'm sorry i misunderstood you on the matters i previously adressed in my other comments.

hey wat about NASF 2?

Hey where have u been bro?
NG Flash BBS is lonely with no1 to talk to =(

sup short-factor listen man im making my flash better and better im still working on it anyway without you i wouldn't even bee a animator so thanks and im sorry if i made you frustrated

Hey i have a question about NASF 2. When will it be released?

You're fucking pathetic. Why do you think you're so great, you stuck-up git? Mr. Mad-Scientist. You're a douche. I just fucking laugh when you say shit like "I make my own sprites, and I won't give them to you!111!!". OMG. Dude you're so fucking stupid. Seriously. YOu don't make sprites and you never will. You don't know how! I found all the sprite sheets you've ever used just within 5 minutes of Googling; make up some better excuses, you dumb shit.

pix or didnt happen

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