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Progress. Seriously now.

Posted by Short-Factor - July 5th, 2011

For those who believe I make no progress.
After endless experimentation, practice, and figuring out a structure for the creation process, I've settled on a large scale and elaborate methodology for the creation of NASF 2. I will be able to work in full 3d, animate with full freedom, and create absolutely anything the movie demands. Its been tough, its been frustrating to the point of lunacy, and the lack of any solid progress has made me look flakier than a snowman with dandruff. But as I've said many a time, I'm always working, still experimenting, blah blah hurble gurble blah. Now, NOW, I'm making real progress.
To start things off, seen below is a prototype of the first area to be seen in the trailer.

One of these days I'll make a list of the crazy things I'm doing with the movie using the techniques I've practiced. Some of these are:
-Sprites all are lit dynamically. As in, no static shading. They are actually shaded according to the lighting arrangement and colors in the environment.
-No more lousy mugen effects in glaring repetition (as seen everywhere). I will be doing lots of custom visuals, things that repeat AND are dynamic to the action (action sensitive dust and smoke, particles/debris that interact with the scene, etc)
-Custom character sprites and animation. Lots of hand drawn animation, as well as rigs and setups for more complex character animation.
-The whole movie is created as if it were a real (though fictitious) video game. The movie has a "combat system". is organized in eight "stages", and features all kinds of re imagined classic video game elements in a mixed up frenzy of nostalgic madness. All of this is designed in the vein of the 90s era video game aesthetic.

I've been learning and practicing so much I don't think I could even cover all of the awesome things I'm doing for this movie. Its going to be a ridiculously larger scale project than the clumsily made first NASF. Bigger cast, enormous and diversely biomed world, crazy action, remastered classic VG music for the soundtrack, and the whole movie will probably be quite long. 20 minutes at the least. Pretty poor (and short) estimate though.

I'll be back soon with more stuff to show.

Progress. Seriously now.

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Sounds like you could use a new pair of socks.

And in them I shall place new rocks.

Call me weird, but I feel challenged. And that attribute is my favorite part in sprite animating. XP

Well have fun then.


Perhaps some socks with rocks will change your mind.

That would be AWESOME. I might actually watch a sprite flash.

Oh yeah? Maybe it'll broaden your perspective a bit.

Damn, 20 minutes of animation...
*falls over and dies*

Once again I must point out that 20 minutes is the minimumiest of minimum estimates.

I can't even beat off to 20 minutes of poon, so imagine something so EPAX as this.

After this is made, you'll be able to start campfires with your cock.

Socks with rocks with chickenpox.

Minus chickenpox.

What are you animating this with? I know you're a Flash animator but the way you're describing it I just can't bring myself to believe that Flash is capable of all of this.

Blender is being used for all the most important work, the environments and animation. Then Blender and After Effects will be used in cooperation for a lot of the visual effects. Many other programs are being used for the graphics too, such as Gimp, Paint.net, GraphicsGale, and even Flash.

Endless experimentation is right. Good god, i never knew Flash was capable of this.

lmfao, Flash, yeah right. See above response.

Whoa. Seriously now.

Thanks for giving me something to respond to.

That looks like total ass you worthless piece of shit! How you stop animating bull shit while you can, dick sucker

It looks like total ass you say? I knew I shouldn't have used a picture of your face for all the textures.

Good to know your back SF, hope things goes well for you!



These platforms could use a shadow, though.

blah blah blah give me a render farm and we'll talk

I know that you are good, but when is out The Master Games Ep.2?

Probably never at this point. Brother does not belong in that series and without him the whole storyline falls apart. My focus is now on a story with purely original content.


I love you too...

On a serious note, I can't remember my Yahoo login and I don't think I have you on MSN or AIM. Warchamp2003 on either

I see you log in on MSN all the time. But just in case:

Fine I'll give you my render farm, it's full of expensive cows that feature the most advanced rendering software that no one on this poor planet could get and powerful pigs which can render hours of scenes in a matter of seconds.

Now where are the keys of this thing....

What concerns me are the Mexicans on the farm which tend to render very slowly or outright steal the renders.

Well, normally I would just call this plain old bullshit, fed to appease the fans.
However, since I have seen you since early 2009, I do have some hope that this project may yet still florish.
But this reminds me of Duke Nukem: Forever.
Why? You keep updating to new tricks.
My suggestion would at least be a beta, like Mario
flipping the bird to Tails, then having some Master Chief
maul them with some T-Rex afterwords, or a simple body model.
Or a teaser.

Then again, I am probably talking out of my ass, since I know next to nothing about flash animation, let alone create all of this, for free no less.
So in other words, I am being an asshole.
My role here it seems then is to provide a small morale booster to you and comedic relief to any sorry enough unfortuante basterd that happens upon this comment.

Geroge S. Patton

Indeed, your bullshit calling is wrong. I do not lie unless its obvious or a fleeting occurrence for the sake of humor. Especially with a project this big, that I am passionate about, I will not fabricate anything. It is a very large project, and it is going to take a hell of a lot of time. So far, it has.

Also, Flash is not being used to make it. That shows you aren't really paying attention.

Don't worry I already got the Mexicans out.

The only thing you might want to get worried about is the government which is looking for me and this farm. They are still wondering how could I, a simple and stupid person, possess such a weird farm.

So, eh don't let they know about the secret technology that goes in this farm.
Oh, here are the keys.

I'd rather just get my renders from a fast render restaurant anyway, I don't care if it makes my hard drive fat.

Well, you know, they could let your animation darker since.......well you probably know anyway.

Good luck with this thing. I'll miss it...


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