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Helix Presentation

Posted by Short-Factor - March 7th, 2012

It is time. We are ready to present this publicly. I have a video presentation to introduce Helix to everyone. Please visit the website too, there's a lot more information.
We are looking for anyone who can help with skills in Java, OpenGL, OpenAL, or anything related to 3d math or graphics.
You may just be interested in the articles describing Helix and the theory behind it.
Helix Google Code Site

Comments (5)

looks cool

Nice idea. It would've made for a much better presentation though if you just had someone talking, rather than forcing people to pause every second and squint.

Also for the first several paragraphs it basically sounded like you wanted to build ToonBoom (An industry-standard 2D animation program that works like Flash but designed more for animation). Then it becomes apparent what you're doing is really built for 3D. You should probably make that clear from the start, because as much as 2D and 3D are used together, they still are separate markets.

I think I made it abundantly clear that its for 3d animation. Unless you are referring to the whole shebang of models and character animation, which I did describe in one of the paragraphs.
ToonBoom has the same problems as all the others. It is plagued with the same inadequacies from its core design. Go to the site, read the wiki articles, you'll understand.

I don't have a mic, otherwise I would have narrated it all. I apologize for that. It wasn't very responsible especially in the starting phase of this public presentation.

As for separate markets, they shouldn't be. Helix will not only be capable of both and anything in between, but it won't be a mess to try one method through the other, as it is with any specialized software. Just wait until I write about angle map objects, they will change your LIFE, or at least the lives of every animator who hand draws characters but wants 3d animation freedoms. Seriously it blows my mind that angle map objects have never been done. They will change everything, trust me on that. You can rig hand drawn characters with full 3d skeletal rigs and it will all work like magic, none of that bullshit 2d bone deforming or cel shaded garbage.

Well, if the software is for both 2D and 3D, you should probably introduce it right at the start as "2D and 3D animation software". The first paragraph refers to it as 'animation software', and then the second paragraph you start talking about Flash and Anime Studio, as well as Maya and Blender. When I say separate markets I mean in regards to the animators who are gonna want this. Cos I personally have much more of a need for 2D software than 3D, so I was sitting here at first not sure whether this product was relevant to me at all. I know it sounds stupid of me, but it really is beneficial to have that summary at the start of an advertisement. If it told me right at the start it was for 2D, 3D, 2.5D, whatever, then I would've instantly known it'd be worthwhile to watch the whole thing.
Also all the stuff you said about how Flash got it right and how the Keyframe is the highest order, that's the same in Toonboom. Of course it's flawed, but it still is that Flash timeline setup in a proper (2D-2.5D) animation program. I'm not saying ToonBoom is better than what you're building, I'm saying because you didn't overtly say 3D at the beginning that's what I assumed you were describing.
Once you sit through the whole presentation I agree, it is abundantly clear what the software is for and what it will do. But to grab potential buyers (or downloaders seeing as this is free), you need a summary at the start so people know whether they should care or not, and THEN fill in the details.
Cool stuff like that Sonic animation, it'd be good to use that at the start too. It's very impressive to look at, and will make people want to stop and listen.

Don't take these as attacks, your software looks really cool, I'm genuinely interested, I'm probably gonna follow it's development and I'm definitely gonna download this. All my nitpicking so far has just been about the presentation, since I'm guessing you'll be doing more of those throughout the software's production.

You have a good point. Its just I didn't think of it enough because Helix will cover all possible ground. Its such a thorough software in how it will work in 2d and 3d and anywhere in between, there is no concern about who it should appeal to. It will be for every kind of animator.
ToonBoom is the only software I haven't investigated thoroughly, so I will have to do that.

And yes there will be much more videos that will describe everything.

you're right ^^^this does look cool if i understood correctly this software closes the gap between 3d and 2d software and simplifies as well as enhances the animation process offered by flash i cannot wait to see more from "helix"

That hypothetical animation was the best thing I've ever sen.

I can't wait till you release a version that we can actually animate with, even just basic stuff.

Good luck with this.