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Link vs Cloud Death Battle

Posted by Short-Factor - July 14th, 2012

Finally finished Death Battle's Link vs Cloud match on ScrewAttack. This is my first ever fully 3d animation. Yes its a bit rough but I had a strict deadline to keep. Most of the animation was made in a week. Let me know what you think.

http://www.screwattack.com/shows/originals/death -battle/death-battle-link-vs-cloud

Comments (12)

woah woah woah woah woah. YOU did the 3D animation for that death battle? Dude, that was amazing!
Great job on it!

Good work on it, the Death Battle series is cool, but I do wonder why they had you do the 3D animation if you've never done 3D before? I would figure they could probably find somebody with a stronger background, either for free or for a pay they could afford. I'm not saying they SHOULDN'T have gotten you though, you did fine, I just wonder why they did.

Wait, let me guess. Connections, eh? Welcome to the biz.

Two characters I know little to nothing about, I think both of their stories are so out there and really in their own universes that it makes them pretty hard to match against each other and find a "fair winner". I'm surprised at how disgruntled people get about it though.

But either way, CONGRATULATIONS on the gig!

I've never done a full 3d animation project before, at least not longer than a few seconds. I do have a strong 3d background. The previous two episodes were 3d but using sprited characters. They can afford to pay me as far as I know. I had no connections. They chose me because they were impressed with my work. I accepted the offer and demonstrated proof that I can meet their expectations.

Link and Cloud have a lot of common denominators which makes the match up so interesting.

I saw it on friday, I thought it was pretty amazing (despite a few tweaks that could have added to make the running of the characters more movement) that you took the time to make this epic battle.

Impressive! :D 3D animation is perfectly done, along with the combo attacks, so amazing work!

The 3d animation was not perfectly done, but it wasn't as terrible as people keep claiming.

I think that's amazing. One week is damn impressive.

Strict deadline? They should have given you as much time you need while they could work on another episode. Still, it was pretty good.

They hired me so they could have good quality work done on a schedule. They wanted to make Death Battle a series worth watching or even paying for.

One week? It took them like two months from the time they announced it til the release.
Can you tell us the DB process? pretty please!

The first half was spent researching, writing and arguing the script. Most of the rest of the time was trying to procure and prepare resources like the models, rigging, character animation, and sound. The last week was putting it all together.

OMG...No Way you could of have done this.......O_O It's AWESOME!!!!!

sure does look like it was made in a week

most of the animations looked robotic as fuck or just shabby

finish nasf 2

it was great, i'd love to see more things like that in the futer...
I guess in 4 years maybe...=3

i have to say, i loved it. At first i was thinking, this would have been cooler as a sprite animation. The further i thought about it and the more i pictured it being a sprite, i realized it had to be 3D. Im glad with the decision you made with this, plus it was sexy :P i cant wait to see more of your work. (you inspired me to make a pretty crappy sprite animation myself lol)

That fight animation was friggin awesome, seriously all your fight animations get me pumped in my chair, awesome stuff.

Some constructive criticism though, while being EXTREMELY good for a first full 3d animation, (and you were under a deadline), I'm not sure whether it was missed due to time constraints or just lack of experience, but some parts of the fight sequence seemed very...robotic, what I mean is, for example when Link was running with the speedy boots, his torso/upperbody was extremely stiff.

Having a bit more life-like movements in the torso and neck area would make it really cool, but I'm sure you know this all already, great work though, can't wait to see more in future!

All of the robotic character animation was due to time constraints. I could have done much better character animation.