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Pikachu vs Blanka

2012-09-22 00:45:14 by Short-Factor

The battle that no one has been waiting for has finally been made. -battle/death-battle-pikachu-vs-blanka


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2012-09-22 14:44:19

Yep, another awesome death battle!


2012-09-24 18:08:51

Awesome animation! You do better every time! Glad to see you haven't lost the touch.


2012-09-24 21:02:15

good work on this one but i think we all are waiting for the one.......... superman vs goku........ shit's about to get real....


2012-11-10 20:45:38

I Like Your Animations Of I Really Didn't Know you were Short Factor on Newgrounds until i saw the name next in parentheses by Mr. Lange

And Me And My Buddy Richard Have To Agree That Your Animations ALWAYS come out being the best

Though If You have word ON Goku vs Superman Message Me With The Update And I'll Get To Watching It Especially My Friend Richard

Though Yes The Death Battle was awesome I Just wished Pikachu Won That Along With Zelda Against Peach (AKA Zelda Winning That) and Cloud Defeating link but other that Your Animations Are Bad Ass Keep It Up


2013-01-01 19:48:50


Short-Factor responds:

Has anyone ever told you your username is racist.


2013-01-10 12:03:28

how far are u in the superman vs goku animation i know that they are just waiting on you so i thought i would ask i love your animations but everyones so excited about this one that i wanted to get an estimate on how long the next episode of death battle would be out.

Short-Factor responds:

Its out.