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SGC, Sonic ATS, Death Battle

Posted by Short-Factor - July 2nd, 2013

Lots of great things happened all at once recently. I had to decide whether to make this one or multiple posts; might as well just cover it all at once.

First of all, Sonic After the Sequel.
This is a Sonic fangame by LakeFeperd that had been in the making for the past year. Lake's last fangame Sonic BTS was refurbished with an original soundtrack. Those four musicians have come together again, and joining them is DJ Maxie and myself, the great Lange. We've at last finished the game and its soundtrack after a year of work.

Check out the game and the soundtrack here:

I've also written a more detailed article on ScrewAttack here:
http://www.screwattack.com/news/sonic-after-sequ el-released

Next up, ScrewAttack Gaming Convention.
From June 21 to 23, this was the first con I've ever been to, and it was overload. Apparently it was the best con ever. Without having a past con to compare it to, that's a hard call to make, but I also find it hard to imagine any con being better than what I experienced at SGC. Met Adam Sessler, brentalfloss, played against pro Smash Bros players, participated in a tourney, watched Craig fight Mike Tyson for hours, cheered through Mario Party After Dark, and witnessed the roof shattering reveal of Duck Tales Remastered and Killer Instinct at the end of the Iron Man of Gaming.
I was also part of the Death Battle Panel, which should be up in the near future.

Speaking of Death Battle, Shao Kahn vs M Bison (seen in the Death Battle Panel) is now out on ScrewAttack.
http://www.screwattack.com/shows/originals/death -battle/death-battle-shao-kahn-vs-m-bison

That's all for now.

Comments (4)

Hey, Jordan, thank you for sharing that fan-made Sonic game, having lots of fun! Soundtrack is a blast too.
Have a good one!

Thanks Ultra, glad to see you're still around.

good job bro u came a long way :3
back then making random sprite fights witch everybody loved and now making death battles witch over millions people watch for each video. now you got ur own pannle and team from screwattack.
funny how newgrounds brought u this far but I'm not really surprise, look at all the amassing things that originated from newgrounds. but I do have a question because I know it's ur job but are u getting paid at all for them because this is still the best sprite work on the internet. saying all this u should pat ur self on teh bak and most of ur fans will support u all the way. Cheers bro:3
but hey don't just listen to me Im just that crazy guy in the corner of that five guys restaurant The one and hopefully only crazyjc5

Yes, working on Death Battle has become a full time job.
I was right to put trust in Newgrounds. It has been, and still is, the originator and platform of many great things, including artists.
I've got big plans. Things that go way beyond sprite animations.

what Emulator do you need to play this game?

None. It's not a rom hack. It's an exe.