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Lange's Last Death Battle

2013-09-20 23:25:22 by Short-Factor

So I'm no longer animating Death Battle. ScrewAttack let me go on August 21st when I finished Ivy vs Orchid, saying they're exploring new directions for the show. It's been great. Now I'll be focusing on my own projects and collaborations with others.

Here's the last episode I animated, Ivy vs Orchid.

Big updates coming soon.


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2013-09-21 05:35:11

...And there goes my reasons for watching death battle.


2013-09-21 09:01:33

You were much better than the previous animator. Are you going to continue "The Master Games" now? Because Ive been waiting a while for that :)


2013-09-21 14:07:33

I am both extremely saddened yet immensely pleased at the same time. I hate to see you go, but at the same time now I can look forward to more of your own stuff, which is sure to be a hoot. Can't wait for those big updates :)


2013-09-21 19:08:48

Im sure you will find so many new opportunities waiting for you :)


2013-09-23 22:39:50

Extremely disappointing to hear. You brought the quality for battles way up there.

However that makes me excited to think that you will finish up Not Another Sprite Fight. I especially loved the commentary for the old 2007 one you did. You're one of the best animators I've seen, so it'll be exciting to see what you'll bring out.


2013-09-24 15:09:18

Woop de doo


2013-09-27 21:46:53

aww man thats a bummer though i liked your animations


2013-11-17 16:52:25

well that's only a BIG loss for them. I have seen many great animators in my day. and your the best. im glad to hear that your more focused on your own projects now. this is great actually!! keep up the good work!