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NASF SE and Freedom Planet

2014-02-11 04:31:52 by Short-Factor

Nothing special, but I did refurbish the original NASF and upload it to Youtube in perfect video quality. It has enhanced sound effects, graphical tweaks, the swf was exported in better quality, and it includes the deleted Samus scene. If you like NASF, this might be worth another watch.

I've dubbed this NASF Special Edition, and it is not the remake I've been talking about.


The remake is called NASF DX, and I am working on that. It'll be a complete remake from the ground up, current with my animation skill today, with new characters, environments, and fight scenes.


I'm now heavily involved in the development of a game called Freedom Planet as a sound designer, as well as helping with details in the graphics and gameplay. Don't judge a book by it's cover though. While it does look Sonic-like, it is quite different. The gameplay uses Sonic platforming physics at its core, but the gameplay is very unique. It actually builds off those platforming physics in fantastic new ways. The game had a very successful Kickstarter and was approved by Steam Greenlight. We're set to release in late spring. I invite you to check it out, there is a demo which was updated recently with improvements in graphics, gameplay, and includes some of my sound work so far.

Here's a trailer.


And if you're interested, here's the demo.


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2014-02-12 19:47:28

Big fan, super excited.

Will check out that game.