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Freedom Planet Is Out

2014-07-22 21:41:26 by Short-Factor

After years of work, Freedom Planet has been finished and is now out on Steam.

Strife began this project a long time ago, and has since turned it into something spectacular. I joined last year as a sound designer, and I've also done some graphics and helped a bit with some technical details (along with making that release trailer below).

The game's core platforming physics are based on those of Sonic, but have been heavily reworked for the game's unique formula, which involves complex platforming maneuvers and combat. The stages are large and complex, and one major highlight of the game is definitely the killer boss fights.

If you're interested, you can get the game now on Steam for $15. It would help us and support future projects, such as a sequel, and we'd like to make one that well exceeds the production values of this game.


We're aiming for a non Steam version and a Mac port, which should be out very soon if all goes well. As for consoles, they're not possible right now, although a Vita and Android port are apparently doable in the future. The lack of console support is not so much due to lack of funds, but technical limitation. We're hoping to surpass this some day and port it to other consoles such as the Wii U and 3DS.


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2014-07-23 01:43:42

As I've said to others, I'd buy it if I had money XD. It turned out great by what I see, I tried out the demo and its great! Congrats btw :)

Short-Factor responds:

Thank you muchly.


2014-07-23 18:59:28

I'm so getting this game! Can I do a Let's Play series of it after I'm done with my other one?


2014-11-22 22:17:37

Saw this game time ago on Greenlight, great to know someone on Newgrounds took part in it.


2015-01-30 19:17:07

Do you work again on movies?

Short-Factor responds:

I'm still doing animation, but right now most of that is going into private projects. I have to focus on doing work that benefits, at least for now. I'm still doing fan stuff, but that's going really slowly, and it'll be a while before I can work normally on those things again.


2015-02-07 16:08:43

Do you work on NASF 2?

Short-Factor responds:

That's going to be on the back burner for a while, sorry.


2015-09-10 16:42:36

for some reason i can see this as another planet in the sonic the hedgehog universe