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I was beginning to think I was the only one left who really understood and felt the genius, beautiful aesthetics of the legacy of Sega games, particularly those on the Genesis. This game concentrates those aesthetics and then some. For all those people who cannot understand what those aesthetics are, I now have a perfect compendium of reference to direct them to. This game is sublime and speaks to my heart. Thank you, this game is the kind of proof I've been looking for that these divine aesthetics have not become a lost art.

Excellent game so far, fascinating mechanic and looking forward to more of it.


Only about half of this movie had good advice. Also, PaperBat, you ignored my suggestions for some reason, after saying you would change it. But thats personal so I won't let that affect the review.

You left out excellent sources. Sprite Database is too overlooked, it would've been a much better suggestion than Sprite City. Also, Mystical Forest Zone is a very good background resource that should've been added.

This is right on the boundary of basic and advanced. It probably would be advanced if you had touched upon much more techniques like sprite editing. For instance, Game Maker's sprite editor works much better than importing whole sheets into Flash and animating them. You don't have to worry about Flash crashing from a large sheet, the gifs are readily animated by import, and you can edit the sprites animations before import very effictively.

Also, NEVER trace bitmap backgrounds. The only point of ever tracing a background would be to delete colors you want transparent, but that can easily be done in another program, seeing as they're only 1 frame or so. Tracing backgrounds, especially large ones, does nothing but cause tons of lag. It has virtually no advantage at all.

There are only a few good points in here, such as the "crouch jump", to make sprites look less static, as well as easing and FPS suggestions. There are even better techniques for improving jump animations that could've been included, such as making horizontal jumps look more realistic.

This tutorial had potential for shedding light on some of the lesser talked about "good" sprite techniques, it even did somewhat, but it was ruined with lack of completeness and misleading advice. It teetered on a 7, but the very disappointment I got from this dropped it to a 6.

PaperBat responds:

Well these are techniques that were taught to me from various sprite artist, so i guess everyone has there own way of doing things, there isnt a "RIGHT" was to animate sprites, just various things that help other people.

As for the sites, The reason i couldent change them was because the voiceactor was asleep, so i couldent get them changed.

Thank for the review anyways

Another fine piece of work.

MAN it's about time you released this (not that I'm one to talk, lol). Ending was EPIC. But the whole movie was... too short. You should give me more than special thanks, I tested the whole movie for you before you even released it (rofl). And you better put up a tutorial like you said you would! Anyway, good job, couldn't expect less from you, especially with how good you've gotten! Now, I'm off to work on NASF 2 to totally own this. kthxbai.

PS Just kidding about that last part... maybe...

BlackDevilX responds:

Dude i want to do the tutorial, but alas, didn't have time. besides you weren't the ONLY one who beta the whole movie...shard spider did first XD

Excellent work!

Your good at this! I especially like Super Sonic's chaos control effect... shiny...
I think it's too short though... your intro was probably longer than the movie, lol.

Oh Holy S**t...

I played this game and I swear my heart skipped a beat. I'm a huge Sonic fan. But this. You've actually beat Sonic Team in some aspects! This just isn't the best Flash fan game of Sonic... This is the best EVER fan game of Sonic!!! You are a brilliant game designer! However... I've got a secret project up my sleeve. A Sonic fan game that will blow you all away. A Sonic game that'll out do Sonic Team in everything... And, I'm sorry to say, but it'll even beat this game! But until then, you've got the walk of fame. Excellent job!

P.S. I'll bet level design in Flash must've been a bitch! ^_,^


Ain't bad... It needs more though...


Wow! This has to be one of the best games I've ever played on the net! Although you should update it or make a sequel with cool background music and with re-styled sound effects so they sound modern, and maybe a couple more elements added like power-ups appearing through out the Balloon Trips, or a unique one or two player mode added. Overall, this is a fantastic game.


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