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Posted by Short-Factor - February 24th, 2008


Comments (40)

jeah i wil check the site i hope shadow vs sonic and master game,s 2 wil be out soon!

same as comment below and also im in england so i cant get brawl yet (WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH) sorry about that lol

you can do it! Those sprite movies rock. Also, where did you get the sounds, voices, and music from? And one more question, how many episodes of "the master games" is there going to be? I loved episode 1.

Sounds: Many resources most of which I've forgotten.
Voices: Mario Fan Games Galaxy, Sonic Fan Games HQ, Super Smash Bros...
Music: My friend and Galbadia Hotel.
Episodes of TMG: Undetermined.

i'll be the one owning everybody in brawl

..HAha...ha... Oh you crack me up.

Uh, there is no owning Short Factor in Smash. I'm one of the best Smashers in his general area, and he pwn3d every time, until I used Link, then, he still pwn3d me, just not as quickly.

This man speaks the truth.

Seriously? There's never going to be another NASF? Any particular reason you wish to neglect the internet from that potential awesomeness? Personally I loved it way more that Master Games. Don't get me wrong, I liked Super Mario Bros Z, and encourage you to give that story driven genre a spin with you unique style, but I prefer the knock-down drag-out fanboy dream of NASF over some overly dramatic self-important story that I'll have to skip through to get to the interesting bits whenever I wanna watch it any number of subsequent times after the first time. So, really. REALLY. There will never be another? Not even a few years from now?

Maybe I was a little exagerrate. NASF 2 pretty much has one and a half feet out the door, but there IS a slim possibility I might make it, as I have been considering it more and more lately. Thing is, it would involve me making the rest of the Mario vs Sonic scene, and unless I suddenly get a hell of a lot better at sprite animation, I intended to save my best ideas for the Mystery Project 1 (3D Mario vs Sonic fight). I also have a lot of ideas for the Master Games and don't want to give up on that either, so combine that with all the things I have to do, I'm not sure exactly how NASF 2 will form. If you want to talk about it further, my Yahoo IM is:
My MSN is:

Truth was here

The Ness Beat Everything Colab

Misspelling of Collab and Beats. You fail.

Misspelling of "Mispell" Double Fail XD

Oh shit he's right. *fix* Prove it now! Ha!

Which tutorial did you use to learn how to make such good flash movies.

I learned everything by myself. Tutorials are for wimps... Unless you're doing something really difficult or advanced. That's my philosophy, hands on first, help later.

If you do make another NASF, don't leave all the fighting to sonic and mario, that's been done enough, you should really bring back Kirby and Link, because you can animate them really creatively, and they're not usually seen in the top sprite fights. That's kinda what made not another sprite fight different.

No way in heck am I leaving it to only Mario and Sonic. There's plenty of new characters planned.

well i waited enouth to see master games 2 but what inspired you in making another mario vs sonic ? because there so many of them
and whats maya its some kind of computer animation and where do you get?
and the less important. what is your favorite character in brawl?
sorry if i anoyed you with so many questions but i only want to know

That's fine I'll be glad to answer all of your questions.
Yes, there are many Mario vs Sonics out there, but I've always wanted to make my own, with my own ideas, so I try to find the right outlets to make them (which I have). If I make NASF 2, which is a strong possiblilty now considering someone is helping me with it, I will continue the Mario vs Sonic from the first NASF. Maya 2008 is a very powerful 3D animation software. You can find it by googling either Maya 2008 or Autodesk (or both). My favorite character (and best) in Brawl (as well as Melee) is Mario. I'm pretty sure that on this very profile page I mentioned that I kick ass with Mario.

0173-0952-1853 Awal

This is my Brawl code and Gamertag, If u wanna play me jus put my info in.

P.S. I hope U are as good as U say U are... Bu then again the game has a lower cap on the amount of skill you can put into it(so far)

I don't have MSN or Yahoo messenger. But I do have Aim... I don't care if any1 see's ,y brawl code. THere is nothing tha tthey can do with it that I would care about...

Well alright thanks for the offer, but I've got a few people I've had to delete from the friend list because I never know when they're online or available. If you want to set up a match I recommend getting a Yahoo or MSN account and adding me. I don't trust AIM one bit (bad experiences...)

Dang, well I'm on practicaly every night from 12-2am florida time for certain except for Friday and Saturday. I gotta go out and party to stay healthy. LOL!!! I'm often on at various other times as well. If any1 else who see's this message wants to brawl, message me ur Brawl code. Of course I can't wait for anymore of Ur work blah blah blah U've heard it all. In the meantime B E Z! And if all else fails , Jus B Awal!!!


Did you get those Ganondorf sprites?
Phooey. I wanna play Brawl.
April 1st is Ike day.

I'm not too concerned about the Ganondorf sprites right now. Thanks anyway.

when does brawl come out in Australia?
i want it ever so badly :3
then i could battle you.
i'll probably forget to tell you, but when i get brawl, im going to use my Melee name,


i based it off my R.O.B that i got with my NES :')
AND NOW, he's in BRAWL!!

Sorry, I live in the US, I have no clue when it comes out in Australia. I don't keep track of that stuff.

That's alot of projects, Shortfactor. I hope you can do it.

Yeah no kidding. My intention is to finish NASF 2 first. Although I MIGHT finish TMG 2 first. Also, I've lost almost all interest in Sonic vs Shadow 3. I don't plan on finishing that soon.

Heh, love the Michael Jackson idea. I have a lot to ask and say but I think this isn't the time. Now, I do have one question. How do you play Brawl. Meaning, which controller?

(Who uses the Wii remote sideways, anyways?)

Gamecube controller of course.
I am a Melee veteran after all.

yo i've got brawl it does totally feel differeny from melee my best ppl r wolf sonic mario and capt. falcon i will be modest and say im just a normal guy who may be able to beat u but....... MY DAMN INTERNET DOESN'T WORK ON THE WII SO I CAN'T DO A DAMN THING ONLINE! anyway ill try and get it fixed and when i do ill be ready 4 u

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