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Short-Factor's News

Posted by Short-Factor - February 23rd, 2011

i found the leaked video be sure to porn

Posted by Short-Factor - April 22nd, 2010

No, I'm not dead, but stuck as always. I hate being a total flake with these projects, which I kinda am now, torn between different tasks. I'll write a task list here to show what I'm dealing with, what needs to be done, why things aren't progressing, whatever:

Task list and their lousy excuses:

NASF 2. TRIPLE Update: I'm getting bad feedback about moving this to 3D, and rethinking the whole thing, I'd probably be better off keeping this project sprite oriented. I will have to do endless custom sprites now. Argh. At least most of the prep work is done and hibernating.

MM Wins the Internet. Update: Its almost done. Only a couple short scenes left to finish. Should be done within a month.

Jerdanman 2. In progress so shush.

Mr Lange vs Suave Scientist. I've got the hardware now, but I'm going to chew my food first before taking another bite, you know what I mean.

Sonic vs Shadow 3. For the people with no life who've been waiting since 2005, don't hold your breath. This project may not even come to fruition because of my severe lack of interest and heavy queue of other work to be done.

The Master Games. Yeah, this, one of two things will happen with this disaster. I'm either remaking it into something very different or scrapping it all together. Ep 1 was made in a short amount of time while I was drunk from lack of sleep and weird ideas were swarming in my head. I wrote an awesome script for it later on though and don't want to just throw it all out yet. I'm still figuring this all out so don't expect anything with this soon.

Smash Bros Arena. This one I hate myself for because I'd love to make it but I'm not a very skilled programmer and have virtually no support with it, but I have enough talent to make it into an amazing game with some help. I don't know where to go with it yet because I'd like to make it without Game Maker or Flash, possibly in C, which I'm learning.

Power of 3 project. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out why this isn't released. Despite the deadline being ancient history, we really did start a project, but limited internet was a big obstacle. We decided to steer it into our own team project, but if its ever finished remains to be seen.

Spriteland. For anyone who remembers, forget this. I made some decent progress but memory issues and my limited programming skills killed this project. I'll be relying on other software.

I've got other miscellaneous ideas, and I always make weird things from artwork to short animation clips, some of which I release on youtube. Really the best thing that will make these projects less talk and more walk is getting a little help.
In the meantime, enjoy my awesome new profile picture and watch out for any neat stuff I can finish along the way. Thanks for the concerned/interested folks who took the time to read all this. I have a habit of tl:drs.

Update: Just got back from Portland, and saw Dave Willis and Dana Snyder performing their ATHF Live show. It was fucking great.

I'm not dead (ATHF Live was beyond awesome)

Posted by Short-Factor - October 28th, 2009

For those interested, I've lately been working on a less ambitious animation in an effort to boost morale, or something. This is a weird one for me, and gives me an opportunity to release some creativity from my highly volatile brain. Now I can apply some of my new and improved animation skills to the first solo movie I've released on Newgrounds since 2007. FINALLY. A finished project of some kind.

Stay tuned for 'MegaMan Wins the Internet', and prepare to trip balls.

(This image really does not do it justice. You'll just have to wait and see. I needed something to make the post less boring so phooey.)

Its a small, new animation in progress.

Posted by Short-Factor - September 16th, 2009

After months of challenging work, I've finally started on the final product of Not Another Sprite Fight 2. I know its been a long time and a lot of you have been waiting on the edge of your seat.
As promised, one character from NASF 2 is revealed.
So now I present a sample of the sequel to my most popular animation.

Please let me know what you think. I aim to improve.

/* */

Posted by Short-Factor - August 17th, 2009

My laptop works now, to anyone who actually gives a shit.

And now the best scene from Airplane.


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Posted by Short-Factor - July 26th, 2009

To whom it may concern.

My laptop is not working. I'm doing what I can to restore it and recover the data. It could be a week or two, so please wait for my return.

Posted by Short-Factor - May 29th, 2009

I've banded together some old pals and we're ready to kick some ass in the Power of 3 event.
We are...

The Super Blues Bros.

Our game idea is under wraps, but it's coming along nicely.
Here's our team members:

Emanhattan: Art/Animation
Doomsday One: Programmer
Short Factor: Musician/Sound, Art/Animation

Our game is going to be very awesome just you wait.

And here is our team picture, drawn by Emanhattan with much relish.

Power of 3 Team

Posted by Short-Factor - March 18th, 2009

Update: And my time here is up. I got to stay here a bit too long, and now I have to leave again, and very quickly I might add. So I'll be without internet... again. I have no idea for how long, nor when I'll be able to get back online. I'll still keep working with what I have. Also, I'm getting a job now, holy crap. Now I can get off my lazy worthless ass and start contributing to society. So best case scenario, I'll be less homeless and more independent, hooray. And finally I can start working towards one of the colleges I want to go to.

Oh yeah, and I'm starting to catch up with some of my other older, lesser known accounts, such as my account on DeviantArt.
End update.

Crazy week. I had to pack my things and move again very abruptly. Long story.

By some weird loophole deal I ended up with a free laptop with a wireless card, and as fate would have it, it arrived the day I moved. The place I'm staying at has wireless internet access, hooray. So as long as I'm here, which probably won't be longer than a week or two, I'll be online a lot.
That's about where the good news ends. Now my workhorse comp will probably be even harder to get, so I can't work on any of my major projects right now, nor can I start anything I've been wanting to. And after this brief stay, I'm headed out again to who knows where, so I haven't the foggiest what will be happening next.

Eh... there's a tidbit of good news left. I came up with this idea a couple weeks ago and animated it. I thought about making a longer movie from it, but I don't know yet. Enjoy this weird little preview thing.

Mario Bros Castle Sneak: Disguise Scene

I'm now a well respected member of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Check it out.
Short Factor on ED

Update complete, initiating gtfo

Posted by Short-Factor - February 2nd, 2009

I still have no internet at home. My access to it is very limited still. I have some extra time online today, so I thought I would take this opportunity to post a little update here.

My "good" computer is not home right now, and my life has been hitting lots of speed bumps lately. As a result, NASF 2 and my other projects have seen very little progress. I'm still coming up with ideas, and I've also been getting my feet wet with 3D game design. I've been wanting to start making 3D games and animation for a long time, and I'm much closer now. For a good beginning project, I've got some good ideas brewing.

I hate being so flakey with all these projects. I've animated myself into a corner with TMG, Sonic vs Shadow, NASF... I've got some prioritizing to do, with my life especially, so it might still be a while before and can get back online consistently. Hopefully I'll be back soon. I can't promise NASF 2 to be released anytime soon though. If all goes well, I'll get to start some more serious work. I might even be able to release some videos of my tests and ventures into 3D stuff.

What stinks is that my technical knowledge in digital media outweighs my actual abilities. Its like knowing exactly how to build something, but then it comes out sloppy when you try to build it. I hope to patch up all my lopsided skills when I go to the college I'm aiming for.

My massive ego aside, I'm still deciding what to do first and last, so who knows what I'm releasing next. Stay tuned.

Posted by Short-Factor - October 29th, 2008

Found out some crappy news that apparently I am unable to get internet where I live. Just great... So I am using other computers to update things, talk to associates and friends online, and keep current with Newgrounds or otherwise general internet media. Yes I am a geek. You can shutup now.

With this limitation I thank myself over a month ago for stocking my computer with lots of extra untapped resources for multimedia design, prominently for sprite animation. I am now digging through all this stuff and going to work.
That said, I would like to inform everyone that Project Sprite Land, the sprite animation program, has to be postponed. I spoke too soon and probably should not have bragged so much about its development. Even though it is working somewhat, it is having a variety of issues, mainly slow performance.
Thus I am forced to revert to Flash for NASF 2. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, I like Flash very much and I have been really beefing up my skills.
With a recent spark of inspiration I am remaking NASF 2... again.
The last preview shown was the fifth version of the movie. I made twice as much animation as that preview but I am scrapping all of it, again. I am now at work on version 6 and the results of this new inspiration will show. It will be far better than even version 5.

Also in recent inspiration, I have taken up a smaller project. It is a satire on today's sprite movies. You know, 98% of all sprite movies on YouTube, made in Movie Maker and Paint, that consist of Naruto and Sonic crossovers or ridiculous SMBZ ripoffs. Or all those Sonic fan series with the countless amounts of Sonic sprite edits and recolors (original characters *cough*) that all have 20 super forms. Every episode is set to "His World". There are hundreds of episodes each divided into 10 parts.
Think Metal Gear Funnies but less spamlike and less horrifying pornography.
You get the idea.
It will also be a parody/satire of some overrated animators on NG.
I have a good deal of it planned but if you have any good ideas for it drop 'em here. I love to hear people give their ideas on the endless shitstorm of bad sprite movies clogging up YouTube (and often NG). Remember, its funny when its true.

I will probably update again when the satire movie (currently without a name) gets submitted, or I have a new preview for NASF 2. Which ever comes first.

Update: I'm headed back home, so no internet. Bye folks, I'll be back as soon as I can be. Hopefully no longer than a couple months at the very latest.