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what the bitch

that last one with luigi eating the castle was incredibly boring and so was the stupid portal ripoff although i laughed heartily at the credits can you send me the sound effects thanks

By God...

Metal Gear Funnies is the greatest triumph in all of human history. Nothing man ever has nor can he create will ever best it. The only logical conclusion is to give up all of human civilization and progress, and slowly wither away. However, this is clearly a conflict of interest. Therefore we must bury it, like the Ark of the Covenant, ignore its existence, and all try to live normal lives again until it is forgotten.
I never dreamed my eyes would witness such frightening divinity ever again, until I saw this movie... it is staggeringly close...
So... close...

Fun, fun, fun.

This has come out much better than that old preview you showed me. I absolutely love this, its charm has me feeling like I could watch this over and over again and still have fun watching it. This is a wonderful piece of work and I salute your efforts and your talent. You've come a long way since Skittles and Dicks.

Emanhattan responds:

lmao jordan
the last part of your review made me laugh. Is snd so old already? omg

thanks fr reviewin! :)

This is fantastic

I'm still laughing my head off this is great.


Your patience and efforts definitely paid off. Very well done, and maybe BDX will finally agree that your improving this time around.
Your animation skills have managed to improve, as the movement and details are more fluid and polished, yet you have not heavily altered the familiar style. You're also getting more creative with the action.

I was glad to help. : D

A Righteous Stance

Jonbro, you are totally right for making this. I won't butcher your score for poor animation/sound quality since I know that wasn't your focus in this. You wanted to send a point across and for one night's worth of work you did a great job.

And as for you Mr Paperbat, you need to seriously evalute the shit you and your cohorts are doing. If you're doing it "just for fun", then keep your twisted definition of fun out of the portal.
On top of that, its a sad truth that the general audience overlooks most things that aren't sprites or 'awesome movies'. The fact that you and the others exploit this for status and merit is absolutely sick. You're no better than the movie making robots that milk cashcow actors for more money. You have no appreciation for art and you're nothing better than a conveyor belt spilling out shells of garbage. You and the rest of that lot.
If you want to do something meaningful then try making a movie that goes against the tide, something that appeals to the handful of intelligent folk out there. That's what artists do.
If you have any dignity left in you then you'll quit Sprite-A-Day.
I applaud the Kitty Krew's noble efforts.

Jonbro, you quoted well. "You cannot rush art."


The idea for this is great. I especially enjoyed the character given to the parasite, very nice. Chances are this movie will sink into the abyss of underground classics, but it is definitely a worthwhile cartoon. I got a good laugh from it.
The low quality sound was making me nauseous... please improve that next time.
Thumbs up. Good for a nice coffee break from a busy day.


I watched brawl taunts 3 and didn't even smile... then I watched this and was laughing so hard I changed colors. You guys are true artists, and you know what matters. This movie made my day, just as Metal Gear Funnies did. Keep up the win.

Best thing I've seen all week

I want a poster of fat kid.

Emanhattan responds:

It will only be $49.00 usd it also includes the fat kid cup and tshirt!


Superb quality. This is definitely a style Sega/Sonic Team should be moving closer to. The animation was abundant and eye catching.
My complaints:
*The music was terribly low quality, it kind of detracted from the experience.
*The blur filter in the beginning was graphic intensive, it slowed down the animation. You should use filters like blur/glow sparingly. You might be able to prerender a blur effect for Sonic.
*And the logo that zooms in at the end... also was a little intensive. There are ways to fix that, but it would take too long to explain.

The things that are graphic intensive... I'm sure its pointless to worry about those, since you'll probably be converting this to a video file or something.

Thumbs up. Its refreshing to see an animation with the oldschool theme.


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