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Oh My God

I have so rarely found Flash movies to make me laugh like that. I nearly died laughing at its strangeness. I love the way you tried to interpret the lyrics. Great job on a gut bustingly funny (and obscurely weird ass) movie!

Ha ha, excellent!

This is a refreshing bit after so many poor quality sprite movies were submitted to the portal lately. I really wish I could've been in this one, but I hope to be in the next one! Great job guys, you really pulled this one together and it ROCKED!!

I'm sorry but uh

This was... absolutely godawful. What FPS was that, 3? Remake it after you've gotten a LOT better.

WindShinobi responds:

okay will do that may take some time though

Ha ha... still a rookie...

But wow you are doing good. Keep this up and you may become a better sprite animator! I've seen too many sprite movies where sprite 1 charges up an energy blast for a long time and sprite 2 just stands there like an idiot and then gets blasted. But you made sure to keep track of everything going on and made it flow with plenty of creative fight bits. You also added details that tell me you're on your way. I would like to give you some tips:

Try working with a higher FPS.
Experiment with ease in-out tweens.
Add some more detail, align your graphics better.
Get some new sound efffects! That's a must! (try Sprite Database's sound section)
Do you have the (google this) Flash Vcam?
And make your episodes longer...

Good luck, and let's see something awesome.

P.S. If there's anything specific you'd like to know, PM me.

Ha... Ha ha... HA HA HA!!!

I'm sorry, but the only reason I'm giving this a two (one higher than what I was going to give it) is because I nearly split my sides laughing at that pathetic attempt at an explosion. Go gather some good resources, maybe pick up a tutorial or two, and try again.

Oh My...

I'm worried about this odd change. You're strangely losing your flair for this. I liked Power Star 2 much better. I hope the conclusion can make up for this unexpected loss.

Oh Ho Ho Ho!!!

An impressor to the end!! I wonder sometimes if I can keep up with you! I hope so, as Not Another Sprite Fight is still in production. A rockin rollin tumblin masterpiece! I can't wait to see the exponential quality of the next movie! I'd critique it more, but how can you point out any negatives when there are none? All I can say is, it can't get much better than this.

Crazy Awesome!!

I'm glad I was able to participate in this one, I kinda missed out on "The Red Line" project. Thank you for putting in the right pic I specified. I probably would've chosen different music, but it was still pretty good. Well, fantastic work, everyone, especially SirNightOwl and TurkeyOnAStick for putting this all together! We should really start things like this more often!

P.S. Thanks for crediting me with the mountain peak edit anyway, even though it wasn't really used (I like the newer one anyhow).

SirNightOwl responds:

You're more than welcome :)
Thanks we appreciate everyone invovled and this is certainly not just me and Turkey, this front page belongs to everyone who supported and contributed to Mount Newground, we love all of them!

Absolutely Remarkable!!!

The brilliant high-octane fight sequences left me in chills. Fantastic, you still don't cease to amaze me!!!

Alvin-Earthworm responds:

Thanks very much. Your Sonic vs Shadow flashes helped inspire me too.
Glad you enjoyed it. Hope I don't disappoint you in the later episodes.

Pretty lame...

Work harder. Make 'em longer. And for godsakes increase your FPS.


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