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The movie was ok, but...

Listen up, your really thick... I am ranked as one of the ultimate Sonic Fans of all time... I am total pwnage in all of Sonic gamedom, which is only matched by my knowledge of Sonic's history... First up:
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released in Japan on November 21st of 1992, followed 3 days afterward on the 24th of November 1992 in the US. Metal Sonic made his debut as Mecha Sonic in Sonic 2... Not only that, but Metal Sonic was not in Sonic 3, he was in Sonic and Knuckles and S3&K. The true Metal Sonic made his debut in Sonic CD, which was released almost exactly a year after in the US and Japan... So Sonic CD did in fact come out after Sonic the Hedgehog 2!!! Although, Sonic 3, and Sonic & Knuckles were released after Sonic CD... What did I tell you!?!? PWNAGE!!!


Balls to the wall action! I love it! THIS is a true example of what good sprite fights should be! SEE THIS PEOPLE!? QUIT BEING LAZY!!! My best regards to you, and your future work!


Brilliant! Artistic! Clever! You are good, nay, fantastic at this! I can't leave you with anymore, you are just too good!!!

Hmm... Ok. Not bad.

I like it! Some of the animation felt... em... stiff. But it was good. Your menu screens and fight bursts were eerily similar to mine though...

Oh holy shit...

I'm proud to say, this is the best sprite fight flash movie I've seen in my life!!! Well done, I hope you're proud!

Hmm... Ok. Not bad.

Fairly good! I think the storyline could use improvement though... I mean, same old same old kinda thing, you know? Also, Super Sonic should've done more stuff.

Lilmario responds:

Yeah, but I wanted the last attack to be a team effort y'know?

Oh yes!

Very clever sprite work and use of sounds! This is a good sprite flash, as opposed to some of the other slop that exists on Newgrounds (no offense anyone, but I mean really, there's some poor work out there). The only problems I had were that some things are slow paced, some special effects could be a little better, and the grammar... Like how "happend" should be "happened," and quite a few other things, like non-capitalization at the beginning of sentences. Good movie, I like the story!

Mudda F**K!!!

WOOT!!!! This rivals my works in progress!!! You blew me away with this one, I'm givin' you a 5!!!

BlackDevilX responds:

Shorty friggin dog man! wats up where you been at!

Holy crap on toast!

You guys know how to make funny shit! This is the best!

And I'm off!

Wow, ho-ly shit...

This is the kind of movie I've dreamed of making. The graphics were great, but let me tell you, gradient shapes slow the fuck out of a movie. A little shading goes a long way. All you really need is transparent black and white shapes to simulate shading and lighting effects, also they take up less space and FAR less graphical slowdown. Great work, NG rarely ever gets any work of such a magnificent caliber! People usually just throw scribbles and sprites on a flash and call it a movie. I call it SHIT!!! But this... makes you worthy of the greatest Sonic flash artist ever!!!

P.S. I couldn't help noticing that you ripped off scenes from the Sonic CD intro movie...


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