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I have to admit.
That was funny.
For being an obvious parody, it was worth it.
But for its spam-like nature, I can't grant it a high score for general quality.
Still, I found it really funny for some reason.

PaperBat responds:

Well, as long as you approve, I can keep my life


You barely get 1 star just because the drawings were half-decent, which says a lot for MS Paint. Otherwise it was a lazy uninspired piece of junk. Also, Windows Movie Maker is not an animation program, it does not qualify anything as animation.
Please answer me something, it would help me better understand people like you. Is Linkin Park the only song your brain can be aware of? You have absolutely no taste in music.
Also, I'm a huge Sonic fan, just for the record. This was insulting.

KING2828 responds:

meh.... i admit that i suck at making flash's but i am really good at making Manga(japanese comics) if you were to read my manga then you would say something different i'm pretty sure no wait almost certain you would take back your comment.


You have a unique and catchy animation and drawing style. You did an amazing job capturing the style of DBZ fighting into a parody of both sides of the crossover. I take it this is not just a parody on Mario and DBZ, but how a lot of Flash movies these days make Mario out like a DBZ character... I could be wrong, but still, you did fantastic on this movie.

The graphics looked a little cheap sometimes... the yellow focus strip looked like a 2 year old played with the line tool. Then later a black focus strip looked perfectly aligned.
I would recommend you increase the speed of the fighting, or pace up some of the animations. Well, I WOULD recommend that, but its not necessary seeing as this is more a parody than anything. The fighting was well directed in that respect. Still love it.
The sound bothered me a bit through the beginning, but I managed to shrug it off. It sounds like you took a cheap mic and recorded sounds from your TV speakers... eh. You can get plenty of high quality DBZ sounds out there, but you already finished the movie... its probably not that big a deal at this point.

In conclusion, you could go many ways as an animator. Good lord man, hone your talents for fight scenes and you could give Chakra X a run for his money. The only reason I gave this a 9 instead of 10 is because of the butchered drawing quality I saw often. Otherwise this movie is virtually perfect for what it is.

Camron23 responds:

This was very constructive, compared to some other reviews.
Thanks a lot, your stuff rocks BTW.

Same old, same old...

I smiled at the first skit. Everything after that I practically fell asleep from.
I sense a lot of laziness in this movie. The last half was a pathetic attempt at random humor. Especially the Kirby minigame, which could have been funny if it was short and quick, and if there were a lot of better skits throughout the movie. Otherwise it was just a fail at being funny and random.

Also, the DBZ explosion sound wrecked the bomb skit, which I guess doesn't matter because it wouldn't have been funny anyway at how horribly predictable the scene was.

I would suggest you put some serious thought and effort into your future movies. The humor in this is cheap and stagnant, as well as boring and predictable.

The only thing I found good in this movie was decent animation, decent use of sounds (minus the DBZ explosion), and you did a good job making the scenes look like their original games.

Oh ho ho...

Fascinating to say the least. This movie almost tricked me into thinking I was watching footage of Sonic games! Amazing job recreating the detail of retro Sonic maneuvers, I was very impressed. Also, nice ending, ha ha.

Golden-Fox responds:

Hey, I liked your Sonic vs Shadow flash in 2005, and "Not Another Sprite Fight". I'm more then honored to hear a review from you.

Yeah, that fighting scene took me a little while, but now I found some formulas for making good fight scenes, well... I hope so.

Thanks again.


You definitely are getting better, now you have me interested in your next series (especially with that spooky ending). Glad I caught this as it was making its way through the portal. You certainly know what you're doing, you keep track of every detail and apply it in an awesome way.

Good luck with your new series!

Akradon responds:

cheers so much! that coming from you is defo an achievement in my books! Im glad ive got you interested in my next series...which probably wont be out for a while! Like you said, I wana go through every detail before I even start animating this one.


Nice to know after all this time NASF is still inspiring sprite movies! Thanks for making this based on NASF's influence, its nice to know people still enjoy NASF after all this time, ha ha. Well, here's what I think of the movie:
All in all it was good. I don't see many non-fast paced fights that I actually enjoy, so this was good in that respect. Though it wasn't the sprite movie of the century, you did say it was meant to be short, so I respect that. I can tell you still put effort into it.

P.S. Do you think you can send me a link to those Ganondorf sprites via private message? Would appreciate it much.

Nose-army responds:

I don't like the sprites to do all the work in my movies, so I free transform them around. That's what slows down the action so much. It was really short because those sprites of Toon Link I got only had one attack, and the Ganondorf sprites only had three.
Thanx for the review!

Ah ha...

Your first sprite movie eh? Well just keep in mind that its generally not a good idea to submit movies this short without thinking about what you're doing. I think people let it slip into the portal because its your first, and is obviously not some weirdo's fucked up spam movie. Although I have to admit, my first sprite movie was quite short, but I have learned a lot since then, so take my advice.
Don't just start working on something and then go "Oh I'm lazy I'll just submit the ten seconds I made." You should complete your movie, make use of all the ideas you have and apply them. Also try a higher FPS and less choppy animation. It helps. You'll go much farther this way, trust me.

Good luck, rookie sprite animator.

Lostinspace796 responds:

lol thankz =]


Sorry but there are so many things wrong about this movie I don't even know where to begin.

Learn what motion tweens are, how to convert to symbols, how to change FPS, and get some sound effects. Then practice for the next two years, and try again.

Hey hey!

Good work Akradon, I didn't think you were doing this while working with me in the Ness Collab at the same time! Good job, it's definitely getting better. I would go through every detail of your movie and work out kinks before you call it good though, I see lots of weird glitches here and there. Also your animation lacks fluidness. You're on your way, but you've got a ways to go before you're as good as me or Alvin.


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